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John 木 Group PLC(“公司”)

雷:  549300 plyy6i10b6s323


“In Q1 we are seeing continued momentum in order book, which is up 9% year-to-date. 尽管今年的开局比预期的要慢, 利润率仍相对强劲, benefitting from efficiency initiatives and 提高项目执行 largely offsetting the impact of lower activity. Our outlook for 2021 is unchanged: increased Consulting activity and strength in Operations, 由改进的订单簿支持, 预计将部分抵消较低的项目活动. The successful delivery of our Future Fit programme and an increased proportion of higher margin Consulting revenues will deliver a full year margin improvement.——首席执行官罗宾·沃森


  • 订货单7美元.1bn, up c9% on 31 December 2020 with good growth in Consultancy and Operations
  • Q1 2021 slower than anticipated but with improving momentum: relatively robust activity in Consulting and lower activity in Projects and Operations
  • Q1 EBITDA down on same period last year but margins relatively robust: high utilisation, successful delivery of Future Fit programme efficiencies and improving project execution 这在很大程度上抵消了经济活动的减少
  • 2021年前景不变. 由项目驱动的低活动预期, 部分地被咨询和运营活动的实力所抵消. EBITDA利润率小幅增长
  • Strong progress on ESG targets: 8% reduction in carbon emissions and over 30% female representation in senior leadership roles

Trading performance and outlook: margin improvement initiatives offsetting lower activity

在受新型冠状病毒肺炎影响的充满挑战的市场中, the first quarter was slower than anticipated but with improving momentum, 并在2020年第一季度下降,该季度基本上未受大流行的影响. 与2020年第一季度相比,咨询行业的活动相对强劲, 在建筑环境中被力量所驱动, was partly offset by lower activity in Projects as large EPC contracts roll off, 运营部门的活动减少, particularly in conventional energy due to the impacts of 新型冠状病毒肺炎 and oil price volatility.

在相似的基础上, 不包括在2020年第一季度完成的处置工程的影响, EBITDA利润率保持相对强劲. 我们的重点是保持高利用率, the successful delivery of efficiencies from the optimisation of our operating model under our Future Fit programme and improving project execution are largely offsetting the impact of lower activity.

我们对2021年经济活动下降的总体预测保持不变. 我们预计咨询业的活动将会增加 在建筑环境活动的持续力量的驱动下. 项目活动的减少将由更大的在建合同驱动 & 化学品生产和新的奖励在过程中 & 化学物质和传统能源被限制在更小的范围内, 早期阶段范围, 部分抵消了可再生能源的弹性. 作战力量将会是 driven by a recovery in demand in conventional energy and growth in process & 化学品,这是由改善势头的订单.

EBITDA margin is expected to grow modestly with the improvement driven by maintaining high utilisation, 提高项目执行, operational and efficiency improvements including $40m of efficiency savings from our Future Fit programme, 我们的业务组合更倾向于高利润的咨询业务.


2021年第一季度订单量持续改善. 订货单7美元.1bn is up c9% on December 2020 with good growth in both Consulting and Operations.

The breadth of recent awards reflect our strategic positioning for the energy transition and drive for sustainable infrastructure. 其中包括一份工程合同, procurement and construction (EPC) solutions for a hydrothermal recycling facility, an owner’s engineer scope for Europe’s largest single-site onshore windfarm and a global framework agreement to support the delivery of large-scale green hydrogen production plants. We also continue to build on our strong customer relationships in conventional energy and we were recently awarded a five-year integrated facilities services agreement with TAQA in the North Sea.


At the start of 2021 we established a set of measurable targets to ensure our accountability for environmental, social and governance matters and maintain our position as leaders in our field.


  • In 2020, 我们在1号和2号范围内实现了8%的碳减排, 实现我们到2030年减排40%的目标. We are also focusing on the adoption of a target for a reduction in scope 3 emissions which we expect to roll out in the second half of 2021
  • We currently have over 30% of female representation in senior leadership roles compared to our target of 40% by 2030. The Board is also representative of our focus on ensuring diversity of thought with 40% represented by females and with a wide range of experience and backgrounds


正如前面宣布, Mary Shafer-Malicki will resign as non-executive director following today’s AGM. Mary has been a non-executive director of 木 since 1 June 2012 and her resignation is in line with the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code requirements on independent director tenure.

Brenda Reichelderfer and Susan Steele joined the Board as non-executive directors with effect from 31 March 2021. Brenda is a skilled engineer and business leader and brings considerable global engineering and operational experience from a range of industries. 苏珊拥有广泛的工程和建筑行业, programme management and supply chain performance experience with global expertise across a range of end markets.


我们的下一个更新, on 24 June 2021 will be a pre-关闭 trading update for the six months ended 30 June 2021.


  1. 公司编制, publicly available consensus comprises 8 analysts who have published estimates since our Full Year Results for the year ended 31 December 2020 issued on 16 March 2021. 共识包括:巴克莱银行, 美银美林, 贝伦贝格, 瑞银(UBS), 花旗集团(Citigroup), 开普勒盛富证券, 汇丰(HSBC)和杰.

2021年的共识收入为7美元.10亿(范围:6美元.40亿- 7美元.4bn), 经共识调整的EBITDA为6.1亿美元(范围:5.54亿至6.34亿美元), consensus operating profit (pre-exceptional items) is $207m (Range: $141m-$233m) and consensus AEPS is 24.1 c(范围:11.1c-31.9c).






木 is a global leader in consulting and engineering across energy and the built environment, helping to unlock solutions to some of the world’s most critical challenges. 我们提供咨询, 在60多个国家提供项目和运营乐虎游戏, 雇用大约40,000人.


Ellie Dixon – Acting President Investor Relations                          01

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